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      I grew up in a small automotive-centric city called Windsor in the lower part of Ontario.

Growing up I never saw myself pursuing engineering, but in 2017 I started studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. After overcoming roadblocks and through the realization that I actually liked the processes behind the work we did in engineering rather than the chemistry itself, I switched into Management Engineering

      Now, you'll find me solving complex problems to optimize processes, breakdown projects, and communicate new ideas. My transition, failures, and overall journey as a woman in STEM has inspired me to inspire other young women in these fields. I discovered an entrepreneurial part of me that thrives on implementing and iterating on business ideas and strategies. I like taking risks, exploring new approaches to tough situations, public speaking, and running or exploring cafes in my free time. 


If I were to give a high-level overview of how I visualize my journey through undergrad- this is what it'd look like.

What you'll see is that the process is an iterative cycle of LEARN → WORK ⇢ BUILD. Despite its simplicity, each loop around the cycle looks a little different. 

Progression Process
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