Nice to virtually meet you! Welcome to the intersection of student life & entrepreneurship. Learn more about me below as I give you a brief rundown about my academics, entrepreneurial journey, and everything in-between!

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Slightly introverted yet highly involved, I am an engineering undergraduate at the University of Waterloo.


In 2017, I started off in Chemical Engineering but after 8-months of co-op and a breakthrough into the realm of technology and business, I switched into Management Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

What is Management Engineering?

Simply put, it can be understood as a hybrid between software engineering and industrial engineering. With a focus on technology and business, this branch of engineering teaches me how to optimize processes and make them more effective and efficient.

Intrinsically motivated, I embrace the uncomfortable to discover growth. As a result, I combine my interdisciplinary interests in technical work (engineering & design) with social impact through a problem-solving mentality.


I joined UW Blueprint- an organization that builds technology for non-profits- as a Content Director on the executive team. I also joined Enactus as a Project Manager and continue to run varsity track for the Waterloo Warriors.


To some, my busy schedule is intimidating but to me, a busy schedule is a productive one that helps keep me on my feet.

Growing up I never through I'd classify myself as an entrepreneur, let alone a social entrepreneur. When I was in high school I never realized how much support and how many opportunities actually existed in STEM, I also never understood that it was okay to fail. It wasn't until my first-year failures and roadblocks in combination with the independence of moving to Toronto alone for co-op (and dragging myself to over 15 conferences/events), that I decided to start this roller coaster of a journey.

I founded FEM in STEM in April 2018 as a way for young women to support each other and find opportunities to thrive in science, technology, engineering, and math. What started as an app idea, then a hub of online resources, to in-person outreach- FEM in STEM has grown into the social enterprise it is today.


Now FEM in STEM impacts high school and undergraduate females across Ontario through community outreach events, resources, collaboration with other STEM clubs/organizations, and the Catalyst Program: Canada's first personal and professional growth accelerator for young women.

It's been a wild ride with many ups and downs but I'm ready to see what's next.

Running around an oval, optimizing with passion, and empowering youth.

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